All seeds contain 0% THC these are legal to ship worldwide per section 237a of the hemp bill

Seeds are for souvenir purposes only. If germination occurs please follow all of your local guidelines on what to do. We are not responsible for anything that may happen if germination of our souvenirs does occur.


Q:Where do you ship from ?
A:We ship from The USA Via tracked mail.

Q: how much do you charge for shipping?
A: for all orders we charge a flat rate of $5

Q: Will you ship to me I live in ??????? country?
A: we only ship to the USA at Present and do so ONLY if you and your state are legal to own and order our product. SEE DISCLAIMER

Q: What if my package goes missing ?
A: After 15 days in transit IF TRACKING DOES NOT SHOW DELIVERY we can be contacted and asked to reship the lost package. However if tracking shows delivery and you claim to not have gotten your package we cannot reship or refund in this situation.

Bit Coin / BTC / Payment

Q: What currency is displayed n your web page?
A: Our Web page is coded in Bit coin to better protect your identity and banking details
Q: What is Bit Coin and how Do I use it to pay you?
A: Bit Coin in short is an alternate currency that exists online only. We have a set of three videos to help you use Coin Base to acquire Bit Coin for your order with us or any other bitcoin needs you may have :


Q: How much in USD is my order in Bit Coin?
A: As Time goes on we plan to have a conversion integrated into our page, but since the conversion is ever changing we suggest you check the USD to BTC conversion at COINBASE


Q: my seeds did not germinate, What will you do?
A: Nothing. We test each batch of seeds for viability we Will not sell seeds that have viability below 90% of our test batch. When we do our testing we also take the worst and most immiture looking seeds of the batch to test, and of those have 90% + viability be assured yours are fine as well. Since We cannot control what you do or even if it is legal for you to be germinating these seeds we Cannot and will not be able to do anything for this situation.

• For seeds we did not breed we will be happy to put you in contact with the breeder.

Q: what is a FEM or Feminised seed?
A: A FEM or Feminsied seed is a seed that has been bred from only female genetics to produce female seeds. This process is done with Chemical exposure n a controlled environment so we can produce fem seeds from very strong and stable genetics without increased risk of herms. ( older methods required stressing weaker genetics to produce female pollen, with our method this is not the case)

Q: what is Auto or Automatic?
A: Auto Or Automatic is a Genetic trait where Siberian or Alaskan hemp known as Ruderalis is bred into an existing cannabis strain to produce a self flowering timer. In most cases these strains are slightly less potent and much smaller that the photo period types. They in Theory Flower when the taproot hits permafrost in nature or the bottom of a container in simulated environments. ** please note autos require 20+ hours of light daily start to finish. THESE ARE NOT OUTDOOR STRAINS.

Q: what is Photo or Photo Period seeds?
A: Photo or photo period seeds are seeds that start flowering based on how many hours of light they get in a day. Typically 13 of less hours of light can trigger flowering in photo period.


Q: do you offer refunds for . . . ?
A: in short : No . We at present do not offer refunds unless stock is unavailable. Due to Past experiences with unethical people telling tall tales that tracking info and other verifiable sources contradict we will in most cases be unwilling to issue refunds. We will however when tracking shows an item never got delivered be happy to reship.

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