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Buy Bitcoin Using Cash APP

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Purchasing bitcoin is easier than ever now. Most people find cash app to be the best place to buy bitcoin please watch this video on how to do that, if you connect your bank account to cash app it will take 6 days to get bitcoin if you use a debit card it is instant.

Check this video out for information on buying Bitcoin using CashApp.

Make sure that you have purchased Bitcoin.

Make sure you have bought bitcoin on any platform ie cash app or coinbase etc from there come back to our website add the strains to your cart and hit checkout with coinpayments from there you can click bitcoin then it will bring up the next page.

After you click Bitcoin you will see the page below. you will need to copy the bitcoin amount and our bitcoin wallet address and paste it into cash app or another platform that you have bitcoin at. then from in that app hit withdrawal and you are done. From there we will pack your order and you will get a automated email from us saying the order is complete. A hour later you will get another email with the tracking number for your package

For return customers please follow the above steps each time as our wallet address changes after each order for security purposes.

Steps to paying with cash

  1. Add the strains you want to your cart
  2. Fill out your information and click cash at checkout
  3. Email us( with your order number for the payment address even past customers in case it has changed
  4. Mail your cash wrapped in paper with the order number written down on it
  5. Please send your payment asap that way we do not get overwhelmed with orders that are on hold.

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