Cult Classics Seeds

Marcus created Cult Classics Seeds in order to pursue his love of genetic cultivation. Introduced to cannabis over 20 years ago, the last 10 years of his life have been dedicated to breeding high-quality, medical cannabis varieties. His passions include propagating Type II cultivars that produce high concentrations of THC, along with noticeable quantities of other medicinal cannabinoids. These include CBD (known for its anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects), THCV (associated with increased euphoria, energy, and appetite suppression; a good option for individuals with PTSD), and CBGa (a cannabinoid that is converted to CBG when heated, and is associated with anti- inflammatory and anxiolytic effects similar to CBD). He is continuously breeding for unique flavor profiles and intense medicinal effects, and has been recognized by important figures in the cannabis community for his contributions. Marcus was named as one of High Times Magazine’s up-and- coming breeders of 2016. His cultivar Xenu won first place in the dry-sift category at the 2016 Emerald Cup.

We are preservationists, collecting and maintaining a catalog of elite cannabis varieties derived from organic sources. Our cultivar library is carefully selected and maintained to create novel crosses which can be tailored for specific medicinal effects and flavor profiles. Through traditional processes, we produce and unlock new cannabinoid profiles, as well as restore old ones back to their original potency. All of our cultivars are bred specifically for ideal growth characteristics, including pathogen resistance, high yields, and resinous buds that are ideal for extracts/extraction.

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