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Leggett Sour Diesel “clone-only” x (Sour Diesel IBL #72 x Original Diesel BX)


The leggett sour has by far been my favorite cutting of the Sour Diesel.  As a farmer who specialized for years in selecting and cultivating sours for buyers the alderpoint sour can best be described as a “frostier sour” with a nose that’s reminiscent of old-school Headband (Sour x OG Kush) but with alot more bass on the gas.  The resin grows TALL and falls off the stalk easily, so handle with care after drying and curing.  CURING NOTE:  It is in my experience that classic sours and headband’s tend to not fully develop their nose and bouquet until after several weeks of curing.  3-4 weeks of cold curing has produced the best possible sours and was the current technique I used when I Won at The Golden Tarps awards for best in category for our Spyrock Sour.  Cold Cure sours at 50 Degrees F and 50% humidity in darkness.


These plants grow LARGE – select for dark leathery green leafs with a sheen that is often indiciative of sour diesel of OG foliage.


This creation was bred in the Alderpoint Area of the Souther Humboldt mountains and is aclimated to similar arid-temperate climates.


This is a TRUE 9-10 WEEK SOUR!! Outdoor growers beware!  As a winner of multiple full-sun Emerald Cup awards….I highly highly recommend a greenhouse or a cold frame cover as a minimum to get the best-possible expression from later blooming sours.  Does epic indoors and in summer deps.