Asphalt OG BX1


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Asphalt OG BX1 10 pack of Reg seeds
If you don’t have access to the clone, this is the next best thing. There’s only 4 of us that have the clone.100% Organic beans created in The Revs TLO soil
Smell is EXTREMELY strong. Proper odor control is not just recommended but required. if you are growing somewhere that odor control is an issue please take proper steps before cultivation is started. Yes that means in veg also. We use a Air Box Stealth Edition and also put a gallon of ONA Fresh linen in our air ducting after the filter. We are in no way affiliated with either of these companies this is just a method that works for us. With the warning out of the way Asphalt OG smells like a asphalt production plant with white gas and diesel spilled everywhere.

AOG is a late flower, heavy Indica hybrid. She finishes out at 9 weeks after first sign of flower.

Effects; AOG is a heavy Indica very relaxing but with a clean head. AOG is great for pain and anxiety. It is a thick smoke with a smooth fresh OG taste on the exhale. Great producer of huge rock hard Indica flowers.

Lineage Asphalt OG BX1

Sour Grape x God Bud = SG,GB
SG,GB x Shiskabarrel OG = Unnamed OG
Unnamed OG x (Purple Wreck x SG,GB AKA Hells Canyon Purple)
= Asphalt OG
*We popped all of the Asphalt OG seeds and kept the single best pheno. Which became our Asphalt OG Clone Only

Purple Wreck x SG,GB = Hells Canyon Purple
HCP x Maui Superdawg = Purple Superdawg
Purple Superdawg x WiFi OG = Super WiFi
Super WiFi x Asphalt OG Clone = SW,AOG
SW,AOG (Asphalt dom male) x Asphalt OG Clone = Asphalt OG BX1