Free Willy


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10 pack of reg seeds

Lineage: GG4 x G6 Jet Fuel x (Williams Wonder Male)

Free Willy is a high yielding gassy/mustard smelling strain the produces large trichome covered colas. Made from the legendary Williams Wonder, and a strain weve been stabilizing called G-String (GG4 x G6 Jet Fuel). Free Willy gets purple tones outdoor and is a hearty plant to have in the stable. Shes a beastie and holds well outdoor and indoor. A great yielder and extremely potent. Shes carries a low tone gassy smell with hints of mustard that’s not overbearing at all like some of our other strains. Phenos have shown to be mite and PM resistant. Expect Colas. 🙂

High Yielding

Effects: Pain Relief

Flowering Time: 10 Weeks