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16 pack of reg seeds

Sativa Dominant

Lineage: Glue Sniffer (M)X Mendo Breath (F)

Flower Time: 7- 9 Weeks

Type: Regular

Gas Breath is a blend of two of our house favorites. The ultra gassy Glue Sniffer (M) crossed with the infamous Mendo Breath (F). This is a huge yielding strain with an absolutely ridiculous terpene profile. Male: Glue Sniffer is our take on GG4. It’s bigger, it’s louder, it’s more frosty, it’s more gassy, and much more hardy. The trichome production on the cultivar is absolutely mind blowing and the fumes that emanate from her are nauseating.

Female: Mendo Breath is relatively new in the west coast cannabis scene but she is making a huge mark! This strain is an absolute joy to grow, smoke and stare at! She smells like skunky fresh ground coffee and rich soil with light vanilla notes. She is one of the heavier yielding strains in our garden.