Glue Sniffer


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16 pack of reg seeds

Type: Sativa Dominant

Lineage: GG4 X (GG4 X The Whip!)

Yield: High

Flower Time: 6 – 8 Weeks

Glue Sniffer is our take on GG4. It’s bigger, it’s louder, it’s more frosty, it’s more gassy, and much more hardy. We started by crossing GG4 with a choice male of one of our flagship strains called The Whip!. We then spent the next few years selectively breeding the offspring with the original GG4. Each time, we went for more trichomes and more gas. The results are amazing. This strain will produce record breaking outdoor plants. Multiple reports from the 2018 growing season reported some of the largest plants ever grown. She is super mold resistant and very hardy in cold climates. She is also a stellar choice for indoor growing.

Notes From the Breeder:

We spent a lot of time and energy crafting Glue Sniffer. She is an absolute joy to grow and she is an exceptionally good choice to use in your breeding program. If you are looking for vigor, trichomes, and gas this would be our first choice.



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