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10 reg seeds per pack

Hybrid Name: Lovelace

Lineage: Exodus:  Harlitsu x Snowdawg BX

Flowering Time:  60-65

Indica/Sativa %: 25/75

Release Date:  12-10-15

Series:  Great Minds Series

THC: 1-6%

CBD: 12-18%

Description:   Lovelace is a high CBD hybrid dedicated to the works of the mother of computers, Ada Lovelace.  In keeping with the theme of the Great Minds Series of bringing new and expansive flavors to the market along with a marked CBD content, Lovelace is now available to offer something other than the usual “cherry menthol” flavor usually found in CBD lines that people have become so bored and tired of.  From dark berry flavors to Skittles’ sweetness, this line is sure to please even the most discerning grower.  Indoor soil growers can expect as much as 1.5oz/gallon, whereas hydro growers can achieve even more.  Of course, outdoor growers can expect the biggest yields, as long as moisture isn’t a problem later in summer, making growing below the 44th parallel ideal.