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16 pack of reg seeds

Type: Hybrid Regular Seeds
Lineage: Key Lime Pie x (Mendo Breath x Banana Kush)
Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks

A harmonious marriage of exotic terpenes is the best way to explain this phenomenal strain.   We started running the Key Lime Pie back in 2017 from clonestock that we sourced from @HPRCarcata.  This strain turned out to be a house favorite very quickly. We ran it commercially for about 6 months in 2017 and we still get requests for it to this day.  We crossed this with our heavy yielding, fast finishing, terpene explosion MBBK (Mendo Breath x Banana Kush).

The potent fresh peeled lime scent is uncanny and exotic to say the least.  The banana smell is still prevalent in all phenotypes and dominant in some. This strain is a massive yielding, tall, and aggressive.  The tops are chunky and weighted, the bottoms are usable down to the last node. Early tests from extract artists yield gorgeous blond rosin at an impressive 7% yield.  There are only 150 packs available. Each pack is numbered and labeled specifically for each vendor.