Mendo Cookies


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12 pack of reg seeds

Male: Mendo Cookies F5 (The Whip!X Sour Snow) X GSC

Female: HPRC GSC

Type: Indica Dominant

Yield: Average

Flower Time: 9 -10 Weeks

A direct descendant of the original GSC, The Mendo Cookies is nothing short of phenomenal. She is quite the looker with perfect purple hues and absolute ridiculous resin production. She reeks of baked goods dipped in kerosene with a slight coffee finish. We crafted this version of GSC by carefully selectively breeding our original cultivar for 5 generations (F5) then backcrossing it with a clone from the original cultivar. The ancestral male started with two of our most sought after strains, The Whip! And Sour Snow. The original GSC was sourced at HPRC (Humboldt Patient Resource Center) in Arcata, CA in 2010 from a rather infamous cultivar that is still available today.

Mendo Cookies is a great strain to grow both indoor and outdoor. If grown outdoor, she will thrive much better grown using light deprivation techniques. Although full term Mendo Cookies is very achievable, the purple hues can come on very strong when the night-time temperatures drop in the fall.

Notes from the Breeder:

Her perfect traits are so dominate she makes one of the best breeders we have ever found. Choose a good Mendo Cookies male and cross this with your favorite strain and rest assured you will find a winner.



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