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10 pack of reg seeds

This strain has been 3 years in the making with a fully documented 2 FULL YEARS of back to back testing and selection.  We are pleased to finally deliver a strain that TRULY smells and tastes like Pancakes stacked with fruit topping and warm maple syrup.  Everyone who has tried or smelled our Pancakez all universally agree – that these are the REAL PANCAKEZ 🥞🥞🥞

The nose is a sharp and visceral bouquet of hot buttered pancakes accenuated by hints of cherry compote and a drizzle of petrol woven throughout a vivid tapesty of maple syrup, lilac blossoms, and mulled cider.


Harvest time outdoor is Early-Mid October


Pancakez is among our MOST FROST RESISTANT cultivars we have ever tested.  In EARLY bloom the pancakez will come across with strong vigor and ample stretch but some may notice slow bud formation with minimal hairs, but do not worry… by week 4 the plants shifts into a whole other gear and it’s STACK CITY. The buds seem to express a fasionable late attitude by aggresively packing on most of it’s fresh budsets in the second half of flower.

Frost expression always comes on early with the Pancakez and expect LARGER plants with strong lower lateral branching.  The pancakez definitely favors strong light intensity so we do not recommend the pancakez in low light environments.  Exceptionnallly mold and powedery resistance.