Purple Shah


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6 pack of fem seeds

Smell-  Pungent earthy pine and sour lemon with woody undertones.
Flavor- She is earthy, woody and spicy with lemon and pine undertones.

Appearance- She is a shorter plant with green to purple foliage. She has dense medium to large green to purple buds with vibrant orange hairs.

Effects- She has a strong high that starts with euphoria and is followed by  couch-lock. She is great for relieving pain and nausea, as well as anxiety, stress and insomnia. She may also help control bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.


The meaning of the name OG Kush remains a mystery. Some say the ‘OG’  stands for: “original gangster,” some debate that it refers to “ocean grown,” and even others dispute that it is named for “OverGrown.com,” a now- non functioning old school website used by countless cannabis growers.

OG Kush can be found on Phylos Lab Galaxy under MzJill Genetics.