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16 pack of reg seeds

Strain: San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFVOG) (Bx5)

Type: Indica Dominant

Lineage: OG Kush

FamilyYield: Average

Flower Time: 9 -10 Weeks

LET HER FINISH! She gains most of her weight and density the last few weeks. Keep her well fed, she likes lots of fertilizer and water. Keep the bottoms cleaned up for best results. SFVOG is a tall and lanky strain and one of the biggest downfalls is her extreme brittleness. Branches must be well secured in order to minimize breakage. Although typically grown indoors, SFVOG is also a great strain to choose in a light deprivation environment. She fills out best in full sun with long summer nights.

Aficionados and growers alike love one of the most renowned cultivars in the OG Kush family, SFVOG. She is pure gas, no fruit, and straight to the head goodness. This strain is easy to grow and adapts well to many different soil conditions, substrates, and climates.

Notes from the Breeder:

SFVOG is not an easy strain to use in your breeding program. Stabilizing this strain was particularly difficult for us. The gaseous terpenes found in SFVOG are not a dominant trait and can easily be lost or diminished without very tedious selective breeding. This cultivar was sourced in Humboldt County in 2011. We have selectively backcrossed our SFVOG for five generations (Bx5). We focused on improving the yield and terpene profile. The genetics in our seeds are extremely stable and very little variance will be noticed between plants


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