Snowcaine fems


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The Snowcaine was first released in the Michigan Phenohunt Challenge. 10 highly skilled cultivators competed in a epic contest that doubled as a collaboration. The seed lineage was not reveled to the challengers until mid contest.
the contest ends in Feb 2020 and will reveal the challenger with the best skills and phenotype.

This strain has absolutely ridiculous
resin production. The terpene profile is out of
this world and smells like citrus hand cleaner,
lemonade, fresh cut roses, and sweet tarts. The
long lasting and euphoric effects of this strain are
phenomenal. The original supply is extremely
limited so don’t sleep on these.

Notes From the Head Grower:
Our indoor tests yielded some of the
most trichome covered plants we have
ever grown. She is super easy to grow
and adapts well to almost any growing
environment. Be prepared because
the heavy, trichome laden flowers
may need plenty of trellis support. We
were lucky enough to sow 1 plant in
an outdoor garden in Northern CA. The
results were astonishing. This plant
proved to be an enormous yielder
with a very strong resistance to mold.
Harvest Date was Oct 7th.

Notes from the Breeder:
When we first entertained the idea of
sponsoring the Phenohunt Challenge,
we wanted to breed an exotic strain
that was versatile, easy to grow, rich
in terpenes, and highly photogenic.
The obvious answer was crossing our
house favorite Sour Snow with the
tried and true Mimosa by Symbiotic
Genetics. We hit it out of the park
with this one and are super excited to
continue our work with this strain in
the future.