Tender Heart


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8 pack of reg seeds

To create Tenderheart, we took our two best looking male Midnight Express phenotypes to the lab and had the leaves tested for CBD content. The male that was strongest genetically happened to have a measurably higher Cannabidiol percentage than the other. We used this male to cross with a Cannatonic phenotype originally discovered by healer in Rhode Island that has been tested as high as over 20% CBD and as low as .1% THC!

She is typically 3:1 CBD:THC and is fairly stable as far as ratio and terpene profile. Very easy to train and may not need much support, but ScrOG is suitable. There is a solid green and a solid purple phenotype, both are sticky and potent and this plant yields well for a CBD variety. Fruity and Fuelly and may produce purple-tinted extracts.

THC: 4-6%
CBD: 9-12%
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks