TopoGrow 315W CMH Grow Light Kit





  • 315w Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide grow light kit delivers a light spectrum that’s much closer to natural sunlight than typical high intensity discharge (HID) systems. A higher temperature creating light much closer to the sun’s. Being able to operate more efficiently at higher temperatures means a boost in performance, Coverage area is 4ft*4ft,that means bigger harvest and less cost
  • Size:18″ Long x 9.5″ Wide x 10″ High,Input 16AWG/3C SJTW 105℃ 300V Cord, 110V, 5-15P Plug , L=16FT
  • The lamp is optimized for the bloom phase with enhanced reds, but, because it’s full-spectrum, it will produce the goods in both vegetable and flower – expect to see increased growth rates, tighter internodes, an improvement in overall vigor and an increase in final weight.
  • Degradation time: Standard MH bulbs have a lifetime of around 10,000 Hours. Which is less than 50% of the 24,000 Hours that CMH are rated for
  • Package includes: 1x reflector with 315w ballast(120v plug) /1 x315w lamp /1 x pair of heavy duty 1/8″ rope hangers / metal hooks /1xPower cord