Triple Cherry


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10 pack of reg seeds

CHERRY HARD CANDY & GASOLINE essence wrapped in an expression of dense snowdraped flowers.


The Triple Cherry has an full-term finish time of late-september to early-october.  Using ourfamily-only male from our private (Cherry Noir) x WhiteCherryTruffle BX project we paired our stud with the original cuts of Cherry Pie from the Bay Area.  As cherry pie is known for it’s short and stout structure, expect the Triple Cherry to offer a larger, denser, and louder expression of Cherry Pie with additional gasoline notes upheld by a tightly wound backbone of marachino cherries and tropical hard candy.

Expect an oily touch to the buds almost slipperly like lotion.  The terps on this plant tend to express a higher amount of wet-like volatile terpness leaning to this being more of a wet-type of resin versus the dry sandy type or greasy tactile type of resin heads. The stalks are also greasy to the touch with a loud expression of cherry candy on the stalk in veg.

This plant was mainly bred to be high in exotic terpenes and smoked as a properly cured flower or extracted through solvent extraction set-ups.  Be sure to COLD CURE all finished product as Cherry dominant cultivars generally like to turn amber once they are exposed to heat.