All orders will come with a freebie but if you want the most freebies then shop these breeders below

Twenty20—- buy any 6 pack or larger and get a free 3 pack of Trainwreck Arcata cut or 5 regs of lymelyte whichever is available

Nineweeksharvest— buy any pack and get 3 free grapeape x strawnana fems

Hillbilly Genetics—- buy 3 packs get one pack Free. Make sure to comment what strain you want for free on the checkout page

Vashon seeds— But two packs and get a free 5 pack of seeds.

GardenOfGreen —- 3+2, 5+3, 10+5 on all strains except for Critical Relief CBD

Exotic Genetix —- Runtz Drop… Buy one pack and get Runtz S1, Buy two packs and get Runtz S1 and Tropical Runtz. Buy 3 packs and get Runtz S1, Tropical Runtz and Project Z… Only 3 Freebies will be allowed per order. while supplies last

these will not show up in your cart but rest assured they will be in your package.

if a promo is inactive it will be removed from this page once the seeds run out